Lots of potteries are about marketing and self promotion and videos with wobbly pots. At Imbas Ceramics we don’t care about ‘being famous’, or saying pseudo-profound things about clay. We are busy making good pots. Our pots speak for themselves… and don’t wobble.

The owner of Imbas Ceramics has been involved with clay since 2005, learning his craft first in a handbuilding pottery before working in a workshop specialising in handthrown slipware. He has learned from teachers, but also has learned a lot through trial and error. In all cases, he is not interested in being the ‘face’ of his pots, believing in the idea of the unknown craftsman (or woman) and the virtue of craft work being found in the finished product itself.

What Is Imbas?

Imbas is an Irish word meaning ‘inspiration’. In the native traditions of Ireland it describes a flowing and connecting quality that weaves between and through all of existence. Much of the pottery’s work features, both implicitly and explicitly, themes of Irish thought and cosmology, from the spiral art inspired by Irish megaliths to the use of colours that reflects the landscape and the ancient cosmology of land, sea and sky. The pots belong to, and are brought forth from the unique sense of place found in the Irish countryside…

Imbas is the pulse of a truly Irish aesthetic which runs throughout the work of this Irish pottery.