Tools and Texture…

I’m in the process of buying tools and building up bits and bobs. DSCF6050.JPGA lot of tools like the scrafitto tools, throwing ribs and more can be got online through ebay directly from China (where many of them are presumably made).

I have also been looking around me for various sources of texture, ways of impressing clay. I  have been looking more closely at the leaves that grow locally and at the veined impressions they will leave. When you begin to look at the world as texture you wake up to many things around you in a completely new way.

Something else that creates imprints in clay recently arrived from India. I ordered a series of woodblocks, often used for printing on fabrics, to impress in clay. This is a bit of


an experiment but I have been told they make good impressions in clay. I hope to use some of them for sprigging, though some are much larger than I initially thought they would be, but its all part of the learning curve.

 Recent developments have seen the possibility of some making space over the summer in a few different places so you may see some movement here… keep an eye out for updates as exciting things are happening.


Starting Out – Imbas Ceramics

Another turning point,
A forks stuck in the road,
Time grabs you by the wrist,
Directs you where to go…

Hi, my name is Brian and I LOVE making pots. It is a passion and an all engulfing obsession, and I’m quite good at it, having made pots over the last decade. I know a lot about throwing, glazing, handbuilding and all the things it takes to make a pottery.

Over the last decade I have worked and lived as a volunteer in Camphill Communities. This has meant making pots, and lots of other things unrelated to pottery, and also living in community with people with special needs. While this is a deeply satisfying way of life, it leaves me with less time to make pots than I would like, and I would like to be able to focus on the thing I REALLY want to do (and which I’m REALLY good at too!). This year (2016) I also began to take stock of my lifestyle at a time when my mother was critically ill, and then I became seriously ill later in the year and I felt it was time to put my priorities straight and stop putting off something which is really important to me.

This is what brought me to this point of trying to put together a pottery, slowly but surely, so I can do what I love. So I am taking stock of all my work, and my trials and tribulations . while I put together my equipment (the saving begins), and a body of work and designs, working towards producing and opening. This is, of course, a million miles away at the moment but you are welcome to join me and look at some of my existing work in the gallery . You can also follow some of my other musings and meanderings over at Brian Breathnach, my personal page.

Welcome to the adventure!